This past fall Dan and his team completely transformed the front and back yard of my home adding gardens, a deck and patio. While this was a large and considerable undertaking it was undoubtedly one of the easiest home renovations/improvements I have embarked on. From point of contact to project completion the process was excellent and seamless. Dan can best be described as responsive, considerate, skilled, personable and someone who genuinely wants to provide quality service to his customers. The design plans he provided had a high degree of specificity and he took the time to sit and explain the options available and how they might impact the look and feel of the yard and gardens. Dan communicated throughout the process, always checking in with updates and always working to the identified timelines. This past spring Dan returned, as promised, to check in on the gardens and finish off a few plantings - no need to call he just arrived and ensured the gardens survived the winter.

It was so refreshing to embark on a home renovation and not have all the usual and frustrating challenges. I was very fortunate to have someone recommend Dan to me and I would highly recommend Valleywood to those looking for an excellent experience and great workmanship!
— Sharon P.
Dealing with Valleywood is a professional pleasure. Focussing on your needs by creating unique designs and ideas, they take great pride in all aspects of their work. They are personal, professional, reputable and reliable. I recommend Valleywood to anyone looking for good service, on-time execution and detailed workmanship. Dan and his Valleywood team promise an excellent experience from start to finish. They always deliver.
— J.S.
We were delighted with Valleywood Landscapings ability to design a beautiful and functional backyard garden. The design process was thorough, thoughtful, creative and timely. Dan was professional, sincere and listened to our ideas. We were away during the construction process but came home to a finished backyard with no problems.
— KH & DM
When we moved to our new home in 2010, our daughter recommended Dan and Valleywood as excellent landscapers. We’re glad that she did.

We think our property looks pretty nice. Many others say that it’s the most attractive in the neighbourhood and I won’t argue with them. Part of that is because we wanted a natural look; we wanted out landscaping to blend with the neighbourhood and the natural vegetation and we discussed that with Dan, in an unhurried talk. Equally important were Dan’s resultant great ideas all presented with precise drawings and price estimates.

Dan draws up detailed contracts, that meet all the city bylaws and regulations, and specify insurance and responsibilities and prices. And, barring some grand act of weather, he comes to do the work when he promises.

I’ve pointed out that our home looks great. So you can guess that Dan made sure all the work was done well. He’s a perfectionist. We had to make a compromise with the railing on our deck due to the availability of components and were reconciled to accepting it, although a bit disappointed. A week later Dan returned with the parts we wanted in the first place, saying, “Well, I tried several suppliers and finally I found ....” He didn’t have to go out of his way to do that to make us happy, but he did.

There is one thing that I particularly like about those who work with Dan. Men, women, boys, girls, they are all respectable, decent people. There is no coarse language. One does not have to look at one’s guests in apology as a loud dispute breaks out on the site. The people who do that hard work, are just nice people; they smile and have a nice conversation with us. We tell them to use our washroom, not to go to Tim’s for a break, and if we have to leave for a couple hours we just leave the washroom and the house unlocked because we’re quite confident that those workers, having been told what we are doing, will keep their eyes on the house for us.

One should always get three estimates for landscaping work. I know that. But I don’t. Not anymore. If I decide to extend the beautiful stone walkway that Dan built beside my house into the back yard and around to the patio steps, I’ll just call, Dan and say, “Dan, I want to extend that walk. When can you come down and talk about it?” And he’ll go over some ideas with me, and tell me what it costs, and bring me a contract, which I’ll sign and then he’ll do the work. And it will be good.

I’m sure there are other excellent landscapers. But Dan does everything I want well, almost to perfection. So I’ll just stick with him.
— Lyle Fairfield
Three years ago I contacted Valleywood Landscaping to work magic on the front yard of my property. The lawn was grub infested and over the fall months all of the sod had been overturned by animals. What a horrible sight to see every day. Being a plant lover, I contacted Dan to save my yard.

A preliminary meet and greet gave Dan a sense of my colour likes and dislikes, my maintenance level, and a general idea of what I would enjoy seeing. I gave him a ball park budget, and within days we met again to review two sets of plans. Walkways, choice of materials, plant type and size were discussed. The final plan of choice was again discussed, and work commenced. A copy of the plan was left with me with all plants named and season of bloom labelled. Both Dan and his crew worked diligently every day, honoured budget and timelines, and produced a first class product overall. They even smiled while it was raining!

What a joy to see the transformation day by day. The finished project warmed my heart and brought me to tears. So peaceful, so easy to care for, so colourful. Everything that I had hoped for.

So we did it again the following spring with my back yard! This was a much larger project. When the bubbling rock and smaller boulders arrived, I knew that it was going to be my daily oasis and place of tranquility. Friends, family and neighbours came over to take a tour during the process and when everything was complete. Another magnificent transformation.

When you choose Valleywood Landscaping, you will not regret it. Every season is a delight for me, thanks to Dan, his staff and crew. Above and beyond all of my expectations. I would choose Valleywood Landscaping in a heartbeat.
— - Jan W, Stoney Creek
Seven or eight years ago Valleywood transformed our front gardens from ordinary to a beautiful perrenial showplace.

Last year (2015) Dan and Valleywood came back with a design to improve our backyard. Big, old cedars were removed, new emeralds were planted, and a large terra cotta contrete patio was installed where the old one was.

All details were properly planned and taken care of. Everyone who worked on our project was very pleasant, worked hard as was most helpful.

The work was always done neatly and efficiently. We were and remain very happy.

Dan gave us what we asked for as well as a warranty!
— Diane
My wife Nancy and I are thrilled to give our impressions of and recommendation for Valleywood Landscaping and in particular the owner, Dan VanDelden.

We had a very large amount of landscaping to do in our front yard, our driveway and our backyard. Basically we wanted to transform the spaces that had been badly neglected by several previous owners - our house was built in the 1870’s and had been a rental when we bought it.

We had dealt with landscapers for small jobs a few times before in Toronto, but this was the first time with anything near this scale, and I have to say that generally we were disappointed. There were very few original ideas offered up and everyone wanted money up front to do plans that often came in drastically over budget and uninspiring in imagination. Dan’s was the last company we talked to, on a recommendation from a neighbour, and was a pleasant surprise; he didn’t ask for any money up front, and sat down with us and asked (and recorded) a whole bunch of questions about our tastes and what we wanted to achieve both specifically and generally.

Shortly after he produced some basic plans for us that incorporated our likes and needs and actually had some unique and interesting ideas in them. And while we can say that we were pleased by the start of the process, it was during the work that we became truly impressed. Dan was involved in every single aspect of the work, running equipment, ordering trees and plants, laying sod and flagstone and pavers. And if you’ve never seen hardscaping done, it is hard work.

But what was more than that, he was involved in the design right through the job. I am a general contractor and as such understand that the best plans are a framework only, and are best when they change and adapt to things as they arise. Dan was brilliant at this, pondering things and discussing them each step of the way. We also got e-mails at the end of each day, with pictures, showing the work that had been done.

The work was finished in late November and was absolutely beyond any expectation we had of it. We can’t recommend Dan highly enough. You would be remiss to use anyone else. About two weeks ago we got a two page document from Valleywood showing all the things covered by our two year warranty on both plants and hardscaping - another great plus.
— Tim B. and Nancy K.
I entered into my first significant landscape project with Dan at Valleywood approximately 6 years ago because of his calm, competent approach during our initial consultation. The completed project exceeded my expectations and left me wanting more. Valleywood was not available to help me when I started a second project 2 years later, but when that project fell apart Dan was the first person I called for advice and ideas on how to make it right. His response was to provide me with detailed ideas and options for a fix. I was thrilled and relieved when Dan was able to work on our next project (front yard and walkway) two years ago; the results still receive compliments from those who visit. Dan is set apart by his ability to provide inventive design concepts which are followed through to completion in a detailed manner. I appreciated Dan’s collaborative approach and it has been a delight working with someone whose integrity is demonstrated in his work ethic and business relationships.
— C.G.
We have engaged the services of Valleywood Landscaping on three occasions for three different projects in our yard. Each time, Dan listened carefully to our needs and wishes and made suggestions and recommendations to meet our needs. He and his crew completed the work thoroughly and with care. We were always completely satisfied with the results. We will use Valleywood Landscaping again.
— C.B., Ancaster
We would gladly recommend Dan VanDelden and Valleywood Landscaping for a project, large or small. We worked with Dan to redesign our backyard, including significant grading, installation of several sets of stairs, terraced gardens, a paver patio, multiple concrete pads (for shed and hot tub) and for a large cedar deck. Dan was flexible and helpful in the design stage, assisting us to really figure out what would meet our needs now and in the future. His horticultural knowledge was invaluable, and resulted in a gorgeous four season garden with colour and interest constantly. Given the scope and time involved in our backyard renovation, issues did inevitably arise, however, Dan was responsive and addressed all of our concerns and last-minute changes professionally. He was mindful of our budget and helped us to achieve exactly what we wanted within our agreed upon price. The only overages were due to our decisions to change or expand on our original project. Dan and his team were a pleasure to work with and were mindful of our need to maintain a livable space during the construction phase. All work areas were left in a clean and safe manner at the end of each work day. We were also pleasantly surprised with how quickly Dan responded to our concerns in the following spring when we had some issues with plants and pavers not weathering the winter. All was replaced and repaired to our satisfaction. If we need any future landscaping services, we will certainly utilize Valleywood Landscaping and will happily recommend them to friends and family.
— Hilary and Dave, Ancaster
We hired Dan and his team to re-do the patio, the walkway and to enhance some landscaping. Dan answered and understood our questions and then consolidated and presented our plans in work proposals. He and his crew carried out the work in a very professional manner. We thoroughly enjoyed the results and are eagerly looking forward to continued enjoyment in this newly revitalized outdoor space.

Thank you Dan
— EM, Ancaster

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